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We offer Toggle Clasps in both gold and silver. 

Click the "Toggle Clasp" link on the left hand side of the page to find necklaces already assembled using these easy on/off clasps.

These clasps work wonderful for woman who are elderly and have a difficult time closing the normal jewelry clasp.  They are also good for those who have big fingers or arthitis. I have several family members that I put the "Toggle Clasp" on their necklaces who otherwise would not be able to wear a necklace if someone isn't around to help them.  With this clasp, they are able to get it on in seconds on their own!  Just push the bar on one side of the necklace through the middle of the circle on the other side, done! 

If you see a necklace that you like that does not have it, contact us and for an additional $5, we will make our best efforts to accomodate you and change the clasp if stock is available.
The lobster claw clasp, which is on the majority of the necklaces, looks like the below picture and also features an extension chain which adds 1-2 inches in additional length to the necklace. If you would like to replace with the above Toggle Clasp for easy convenience on/off, please contact us and see above for more information. 

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