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(Maria is wearing various necklaces from her collection in the above photos.)

Maria Carrara Jewelry is located on the sandy shores of Long Island New York, USA, and all of the Company's jewelry is hand assembled by Maria Carrara Jewelry. Maria selects the pendants and beads personally for every necklace creating and assembling each design herself.

Maria started making necklaces for herself to wear and giving them out as gifts to family and friends for the holidays, birthdays and special occasions.  She wanted to put care and thoughtfulness into creating something special for the women in her life so she created a personalized necklace for each one.

Unfortunately, all of us know someone that has been affected by Breast Cancer.  Maria began to make necklaces for women that she knew with Breast Cancer to send to their home as a surprise in the hopes of putting a smile
 on their face.   Maria had several surgeries herself to remove breast tumors (which thankfully turned out to be benign) and each time she is at the Breast Care Center, she is always reminded how grateful she is that hers were benign but others are not so fortunate.  One of her best friends recently had breast cancer and Maria is thankful that she is now doing well.   Maria continues to give out Breast Cancer Necklaces to women she knows in her community who have Breast Cancer. Her hopes are that the business will grow so much that she can make a difference with company donations in the fight to help prevent breast cancer. Please see our Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon necklaces and we hope the necklace you purchase for a breast cancer survivor brings them some happiness during a difficult time in their life.

Being Maria and her husband are boaters, she made herself nautical necklaces such as starfish, anchors and seaturtles. Everywhere she went, someone asked where she got her necklace so here she is today, with her own necklace jewelry business. Maria's focus is casual nautical necklaces and has incorporated some of the nautical designs with the breast cancer beads to make fashionable necklaces that carry a message for the fight against breast cancer.  

The designs are intended to be fun beachy necklaces to wear out on the boat, on the beach, as casual accessories and just for fun!  

Maria has also decided that with each sale, she will contribute some of the proceeds to a charity. See the Charitable contribution page for more information. The charities include: Breast Cancer Awareness organizations, American Heart Association, Surfrider Foundation, Coast Guard Foundation and to help find a cure for Alzheimers.    

Thank you so much for your support and we hope you enjoy wearing the necklaces!

Happy and Safe Boating!

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